About me


So what is a travel blogger? Well technically anyone can start a blog about any subject and become a traveler. But in general, the definition is someone who makes a decent percentage (or all) of his or her income from travel blogging is generally thought to be a professional.

Hi! My name is Mark Ball and I am a travel blogger, either the one defined above or whatever you feel fits better the reality. I’ve decided to start blogging to get away from the sad, boring life I was living.

Some travel bloggers have traveled the world and created blog tours on every continent. Others have blogs on just a few countries. I have visited so many destinations it becomes difficult to count them. But..I remember every one of my trips! The white-sand and turquoise waters, even though, they seem the same, are not similar at all.

Take a look at my perspective of the world as a solo-traveler and hang out with me in some of the most beautiful places!

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